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Promote your large crowd event or online campaign with an interactive gigapixel panorama

  • Commission 360Cities to create a super high-resolution panorama of your concert, festival or stadium sports event. Our past gigapixel panoramas have attracted millions of visitors, who can choose to log in via Facebook and tag themselves and their friends.
  • Find out about our 2013 new world record 320-gigapixel panorama as reported by BBC TV.
  • License one of our previous city gigapixel panoramas, e.g. of London, Tokyo, or Prague, as did Peugeot in the UK to promote the model 3008, Sony-Ericsson Europe did to launch the Xperia, and Samsung in Italy did to launch the Samsung Gallery Camera in 2013. Or commission us to create a brand new gigapixel image of another city!
  • Talk to us about high-resolution panoramic studio shoots and interactive programming for branded online campaigns, such as we did for Fiat's 2012 launch of the model 500L.

What they say

A unique portrait of London, a dizzying panorama of our capital city captured in unparalleled detail."

This gargantuan, 80 gigapixel panorama of London by photographer Jeffrey Martin has broken the world record as the largest 360-degree photo in existence.

The enormous detail from combining hundreds, if not thousands, of individual photographs stitched together allows the viewer to zoom in and find unexpected scenes.

If you think Google's seven-gigapixel renderings of world famous art museums are impressive, get a load of this.


WOMAD 2012

WOMAD 2012 is one of a series of events we captured for The Guardian Music Festivals in summer 2012.


In July 2012 Fiat launched the 500L - a new version of their legendary runabout - with high resolution photography and programming from 360cities.

 Heineken Jammin' 2012

Red Hot Chili Peppers headlined the Heineken Jammin' 2012 festival in Milan in summer 2012, and 360cities was there to capture the crowd for face-tagging.


Juventus inaugurated a new stadium with a 360Cities gigapixel pano in 2011, and we helped them celebrate victory in the Italian Serie A with another in May 2012.


Bundesliga arch rivals Schalke 04 and Borussia Dortmund fought it out in front of a bloodthirsty Schalke crowd in May 2012. Check out the roar of the crowd in the pano soundtrack.

Juventus in Turin

View our gigapixel image of world-famous Juventus in Turin as they inaugurate their beautiful new stadium in a historic match on September 8, 2011.

England beat Wales

England beat Wales 1-0 in this rain-soaked EURO 2012 qualifier at Wembley Stadium in London on September 6, 2011. Read about it in The Sun and then click to view the gigapixel photo!

Take That's massive concert

Take That's massive concert at Wembley Stadium July 9, 2011 by viewing our 20-gigapixel crowd panorama of the event.

Rheinkultur festival in Bonn

25,000 people came to the annual Rheinkultur festival in Bonn on July 2, 2011, and we captured them all in this gigapixel panoramic fan shot.

2011 FA Cup Final

Visit the 2011 FA Cup Final between Manchester City and Stoke City with our 23-gigapixel crowd panorama of Wembley Stadium in London. Read about how we did it.

We'll customize your gigapixel panorama for location and size. You can used the finished product, for example, in an online contest inviting visitors to find objects within the gigapixel image. The great interactivity of a gigapixel photo combined with an online contest can support among other things:
  • new product launch
  • larger brand awareness campaigns
  • promoting tourism growth in your city
If you're an advertising agency, marketing department, tourism board, or want to know more about the conditions for commissioning a gigapixel photo from 360Cities, contact us using the form below. Maybe we'll even shoot for a new world record spherical panorama in the process!

Media Buzz

“One of the world's largest 360-degree sports panoramic photos. Give the source a bash to tag yourself if you were at the Final or to check who else was there.”

Vlad Savov, ENGADGET

“The New "Largest Photo in the World" is Also the Prettiest.”

Kat Hannaford, GIZMODO

“Viewing Martin's web-based panorama might actually be better than an actual visit, especially when it comes to exploring the fresco high above the books. In real life, from 45 feet down, you might wish you could hit Shift to zoom.”

Evan Rail, WIRED

“Exploring a gigapixel image is like a treasure hunt. I use the word “explore” because one doesn't just look at these images, but rather examines and searches.”

“The enormous detail from combining hundreds, if not thousands, of individual photographs stitched together allows the viewer to zoom in and find unexpected scenes.”

Bryan Chan, LA TIMES

“The image is so effective it gives the illusion of standing right inside the 18th century baroque library. It is the kind of magnificent hall where you might stand and wish your eyes could 'zoom in'.”

Emily Allen, DAILY MAIL

“We interrupt our live coverage of breaking news about Internet companies from around the world to point you to this phenomenal 360-degrees photo (okay, actually it's 2,947 pictures stitched together).”

“It is, to our and the photographer's knowledge, the largest photo ever taken indoors with 280,000 x 140,000 pixels of awesome sauce.”

Robin Wauters, TECHCRUNCH

“360-Degree Wembley Stadium Panorama Gets Thousands of Facebook Tags.”

Stan Schroeder, MASHABLE


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