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Langhe & Roero
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Roberto Scavino
Alba in HDR, Corso Langhe
Roberto Scavino
Ricca, a yellow sea of dandelions among hazelnut trees
Roberto Scavino
Alba, Santa Maria Maddalena Church
Roberto Scavino
Alba in HDR, piazzetta Paolo Borsellino
Roberto Scavino
Alba in HDR, San Domenico Church interior
Roberto Scavino
Alba, il seminario vescovile e la chiesa di Santa Caterina
Roberto Scavino
San Domenico Church in Alba
Roberto Scavino
Alba in HDR, Piazza Rossetti
Roberto Scavino
Alba, piazza Risorgimento
Roberto Scavino
Alba, Piazza Risorgimento
Roberto Scavino
Alba, piazza Elvio Pertinace
Roberto Scavino
Volkswagen Meeting in Alba, Piazza Garibaldi
Guizhou Xingyi Road
Tom Sadowski
Bruny Island Neck Upper Lookout
Ivan Tsyrkunovich
Старая водяная мельница
Gregor Kervina
Panoramic view from Urslja Gora Mountain (Plesivec) Slovenia - Slovenj Gradec, Ravne na Koroskem, Prevalje... and Austria bedhind...
Leif Nygaard Eilertsen
COP15 Climate Labyrinth 20091216
Martin Hertel
Sergi March
Novodevichy Monastery. Moscva. Russia
Lee Casalena
Golden Gate Bridge from Hendrik Point
Ian Wright
Embarcadero, San Francisco
Jann Lipka
Kungsträdgården - ice-skating
guizhou Guanxing Road
Bo de Visser
Circus Renz, Haarlem (2010)
Alessio Vitiello
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Alessio Vitiello
Alessiovito 1985 00664372 7a89e8346a1b9cceb800 jpg
More About Langhe & Roero

Tanaro river flows between these two hilly areas and separates them: the Langhe lie to the south and east of the river, Roero to the north. The town of Alba can be considered the cultural and economic capital of both territories famous for their wines, cheeses and truffles. A large number of medieval and baroque castles punctuate the surrounding hills. Two of the greatest Italian writers of the 20th century were born in this area: the stories of Beppe Fenoglio and Cesare Pavese are inextricably linked to the history among these hills of anti-fascist resistance.