Bold Coast, Cutler, Maine Pano 7

I haven’t posted much for photos the past few days from the Bold Coast because I’ve been working on this spherical panorama of the Milky Way. The bright light in the ocean to the left of the Milky Way is Southwest Head Lighthouse on Grand Manan Island, about 13 miles away. The one to the right is Little River Lighthouse in Cutler, Maine, about 1.25 miles away. The towers right of that are the Navy’s VLF transmitters to communicate to submarines in the Atlantic. Part of the Big Dipper can be seen reflecting in the pool, but it is hard to make out in the sky amongst all the other stars. The green glow on the rocks to the right of the pool is a bioluminescent beetle of some sort. We saw quite a few of them and I’m not sure what their proper name is.

I shot two spheres: one with 30 second exposures for the Milky Way with sharp stars, the other with 241 second exposures for detail in the ground. Each sphere consists of 13 photos. I also shot two dark frames and removed hot pixels via Pixel Fixer instead of using long exposure noise reduction in camera. This way I was able to capture each sphere faster without waiting twice as long. It took about an hour to capture all the photos for both spheres. Masking the two together in Photoshop took a lot of work, especially of the sky through the trees. I discovered it was easier to mask the two exposures together for each frame before stitching with PTGui Pro. This was taken on the second night of my hiking trip with Christopher M Georgia Photography, A G Evans Photography, Jared Blash Photography, and Taylor Photography.

Shooting data: Nikon D700 & 14-24mm f/2.8 @ 14mm, f/2.8, ISO 2500, and 2 exposures of 30 seconds and 241 seconds, 13 positions.

Prints and more available through my galleries.

Night Photos:

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Copyright: Aaron Priest
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10588x5294
Uploaded: 22/09/2013
Updated: 10/10/2014


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  • Aaron Priest about 1 year ago
    Thanks! I should add that I used two Promote Controls and a Panoneed robotic head to shoot this. The first Promote Control handled the long exposures to the camera, especially the 4 minute ones in bulb mode, so I wouldn’t have to handle the camera or move anything between shooting the two spheres. The second Promote Control was in timelapse mode and triggered the robotic head to move when the exposure was done. I had to do this because the 4 minute interval was longer than the robotic head could normally handle, and I didn’t want to use a manual interval and touch the robotic head lest it would cause alignment issues between the two spheres later in post production. I also didn’t want to sit around for an hour and babysit it in the cold ocean wind!
  • Jaime Brotons about 1 year ago
    Beautifull panorama, thanks for the details!
  • Catalin Ionescu about 1 year ago
    Just awesoome!
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