Cagliari Cross Roads
Small park in the center of Cagliari, clockwise in succession viewing on the Port, bus station, railway station, Palazzo Civico and Carlo Felice-Via Roma streets.
Copyright: Hans Zijlstra
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 13532x6766
Uploaded: 28/12/2012
Updated: 16/10/2014


Tags: park; cagliari center; train; bus; station; palazzo civico
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Jan Vrsinsky
Jan Vrsinsky
Piazza Santo Sepolcro
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San Sepolcro Church
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Street behind Chiesa di Sant'Antonio Abate
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Via Giuseppe Manno
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Piazza Yenne
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San Michele Church
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Chiesa di Santa Chiara
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Cagliari, Sardinia
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Cagliari Elephant Tower
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Cagliari Torre dell'Elefante
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Elephant Tower
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Venice 53rd Art Biennale - Japan exhibit
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Little Funny Figurines 1
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Castle Of Quirra
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Castello Di Quirra
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External permeable reactive barrier treating acid mine water from san riccardo gallery
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Fort St Pieter 1701-1702 Maastricht
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Restaurant in former Montevecchio zinc lead mining village
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Idyllic river bend near Sette Fratelli parc
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Central disposal Site ate the abandoned Baccu Locci lead arsenic sulfide mine
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La Marsa Corniche
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