Huaxi river paths,Guiyang
Guizhou Province
Copyright: He Jiye
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8776x4388
Taken: 30/06/2012
Uploaded: 03/07/2012
Updated: 04/07/2012


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he jiye
Huaxi river stone jump kicking,Guiyang
he jiye
Huaxi river stone bridge,Guiyang
he jiye
Huaxi snake hill top, Guiyang
wang yi
he jiye
Confucius Museum
he jiye
Confucius School front
he jiye
Huaxi valley small farm house
he jiye
Qingyan Fort patron saint statues, Guizhou
he jiye
Qingyan Fort Intangible Heritage Museum, Guizhou
he jiye
Qingyan Fort Inn, Guizhou
he jiye
Qingyan Fort Ancient stone bridge, Guizhou
Xiaoche River Dong Jia village,Guiyang
Michael Pop
At the cemetery on the Death's Day in Targu Mures
Nikolai Soloviov
Tzipova Moldova panorama 4
Alexey Bazlaev
Gornih Duhov Lake
Alexey Bazlaev
Igor Marx
Agritechnica 28
Kostya Dmitriev
Kamenets Podolsky Castle Wall
Min Heo
Seoul Worldcup Stadium, Sangam dong
Nico Roig
Dentistry in depth
Willy Kaemena
Water Reservoir Amoreiras
Luciano Correa | Vista Panoramica
Embarque em Baleeira no Curso de Salvatagem da Max Training em Vila Velha
Christopher Blake
Pomham Rocks Lighthouse - over the tower
Richard Chesher
Lifou New Caledonia Accommodation Helen Gaze Inside
he jiye
Hong Fu Temple,Qianling mountain,Guiyang
he jiye
Guizhou University Institute of Technology Large central pond
he jiye
Confucius School
he jiye
Hanlin Academy, Fufeng Hill, Guiyang
he jiye
Huaxi valley Longwang hill bamboo pavilion
he jiye
The tail of Orange Island ,Changsha
he jiye
Dsc01732 1 Panorama
he jiye
The Garden of Orange Island ,Changsha
he jiye
he jiye
he jiye
Confucius Institute back
he jiye
Qingyan Fort Inn, Guizhou
More About Guizhou Province

Guizhou Province, the "Guizhou"or"expensive ", located in southwest China's southeast, the provincial capital of Guiyang. East border of Hunan, Guangxi, south, west Yunnan, Sichuan and Chongqing, the north, between longitude 103 ° 36'-109 ° 35 ', latitude 24 ° 37'-29 ° 13 ', between what the province is about 595 Km north-south distance of about 509 km with a total area of 176,167 square kilometers, accounting for 1.8% of land area. Guizhou is a beautiful landscape and pleasant weather, many nationalities, rich resources and huge development potential of the provinces, there Huangguoshu Falls, Chishui scenic spots, Libo Zhangjiang, site of the Zunyi Meeting, Fanjingshan other historical sites.