Port Tanger

The port of Tangier is about to become one of the most dynamic ports across the

Euro-Mediterranean area. The valuing of exceptional locational qualities as

maritime crossroads between international shipping routes (Gibraltar Straits)

occurs in a context of exacerbated rivalries among Mediterranean transhipment

hubs (e.g. Algeciras, Valencia, Cagliari, Gioia Tauro, Taranto, and Marsaxlokk).

Locally and regionally, it is made possible through the physical separation

between the port city of Tangier and the new multifunctional site of Tangier Med,

located 30 km eastwards. This paper recalls briefly the main historical steps of

Tangier’s development since its origins. Then, it reviews its recent evolution on

three different geographic levels: the one of maritime flows and international port

competition, the one of regional integration of Tangier in the Moroccan and

Maghreb transport systems, and the local issues of port-city redevelopment both

within the traditional city and at the new site of Tangier Med. Some concluding

remarks aim at linking together these three levels of analysis in terms of the

possible futures of this ambitious project.

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