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Pohled na Brno z nejvyšší budovy

View to Brno from the highest building

Copyright: Vlastislav Tauterman
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8000x4000
Taken: 26/01/2012
Uploaded: 27/01/2012
Updated: 09/09/2014


Tags: brno; highest point; spilberk; kajot arena; petrov; tauterman; czech
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Hana Dusíková
View to south from Spielberk office centre Tower
Hana Dusíková
Tower in Spielberk Office Centre Brno
Hana Dusíková
View to north from Spielberk office centre Tower
Martin Kacvinský
Brno - Spielberg Office Centre
Vlastislav Tauterman
CTP Business Park Holandska, Brno
Hana Dusíková
Spielberk office centre Holandská 4 First floor balcony
Hana Dusíková
Lake in Spielberk office centre
Hana Dusíková
Spielberk office centre in winter
Hana Dusíková
Bridge near Spielberk Office Centre
Vlastislav Tauterman
Ice Hockey match in Kajot Arena, Masaryk University vs Brno University of Technology
Vlastislav Tauterman
View to Spilberk Castle and Petrov
Vlastislav Tauterman
Spielberk Castle and Petrov - view from the Faculty of Education
Jacques Rochet
Monument Valley, Arizona
Hitoshi Oikawa
Andrew Bodrov
Carrier Rocket Proton-M transportation to the launch pad
Robert Bilsland
The Colours of Autumn
Heiko Brueckner
Cathedral Gorge State Park " Mud Dome"
Heiner Straesser - derPanoramafotograf.com
Cave church in Tatlarin, Turkey
Jürgen Schrader
Propylaea Munich
Armin Leuprecht
Vršič (Kranjska Gora)
Taro Tsubomura
yunzen liu
Henan Jiaozuo World Geological Park Yuntai Mountain 9——Mastixia peak elevation 1308 meters
Tsuyoshi Shimoyama
Tokyo Station
Daniel Christaldi
Hastings beach
Vlastislav Tauterman
Vlastislav Tauterman
Anthropos Australie 3
Vlastislav Tauterman
Dum Panu Z Lipe- Terraza Café Bar
Vlastislav Tauterman
Náměstí ve Valticích
Vlastislav Tauterman
Denisovy sady - výhled na Brno
Vlastislav Tauterman
Velky Pruvan Na Boku
Vlastislav Tauterman
Home elevator OTIS - How to shoot in front of a mirror
Vlastislav Tauterman
Výstava Zdeňka Buriana v Anthroposu 2012
Vlastislav Tauterman
Turnaj osobností v kulečníku, Ponětovice 2011
Vlastislav Tauterman
Billiard Café Nicola II
Vlastislav Tauterman
Maly Pruvan Kamrlik
Vlastislav Tauterman
Billiard Café Nicola III
More About Brno

Brno is Czech's second largest city. It's a place full of peaceful country folk who drink more wine than Bohemians, their Czech friends to the west. Brno hasn't been trampled by many tourists, so it has quite a different character than the capital city, especially from the eyes of a visitor.