Hefei - package of public cemetery
Anhui Province

Hefei - package of public cemetery, full title Bao Xiaosu male memorial park, located at Hefei intension Henan bank forest region, with Baogong ancestral hall tight connected. Entire place memorial park area 1200 square meters. Bao Zheng died of illness with the Northern Song Dynasty fine seven years (in 1062), next year presidess over funeral services by Kaifeng sends a body back to home district for burial in now Hefei eastern suburb energetically collection. in 1973 constructed at this, in 1988 was completed. in memorial park Qian An Bao Zheng and madame, descendants' remains. Baogong Zeng Yan: “the later generation descendants are a public official have the commit loot, do not return to the relative with same surname, refuses stubbornly to bury in the big jade-like stone. Does not remember from me, must my descendants.”Therefore has “the unfilial descendants, do not enter the grave” fable. The memorial park by the main grave area, attaches the grave area

and the administrative district is composed. The main grave assumes “duplicate fights”, in the tomb chamber the imposition has the package to rescue the epitaph and 2.4 meter long gold thread cedar wooden coffin, in
the coffin places the package to rescue the remains. The north side attaches the grave area, has Bao Zheng Madame Dong and sub-, grave 5 and so on daughter-in-law. entire memorial park grave solemn and respectful, lodges the package to rescue the natural disposition stern and outspoken, resolute meaning. Mainly constructs sets has national renowned calligrapher Zhao Puchu, Liu Haisu, Qi Gong, broad outstanding and so on to write the book the couplets hung in front. 

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More About Anhui Province

Anhui Province, a province of the PRC, located in the east, the Yangtze River Delta hinterland. Across the Huaihe River, Yangtze River, the three major river systems Xin'anjiang. Provincial capital of Hefei. Anhui geographical diversity, both north and south colors. Is a southern province of Anhui Qing, Kangxi 6 years (AD 1667), analysis of southern provinces of Jiangsu and Anhui provinces and the formal province, take time Anqing, Huizhou, two governments, named after the first word. Territory Wan Shan, Anhui water, that today's Anhui Tianzhu Mountain and River, Spring and Autumn when the country was labeled Po, called Wan country, it is referred to Anhui Anhui.