Goral palace - Eight Diagrams pavilion

“the Eight Diagrams pavilion”, is situated between the Taoist trinity palace and the beginning of the universe palace Eight Diagrams pavilion, has manifested Taoism religious doctrine characteristic prominently, is a symbolic building. Its layout is compact, exquisite natural, the whole constructs altogether three, constructs above heavy Taiwan, the pavilion bedstone station base assumed four square shapes, the pavilion body assumes the circular, the symbol ancient times saying of the day round place; The twofold upturned eave chi lips, all around have the turtle grain to separate the gate and the cloud flower Lou window, the southing main entrance are the twelve horoscopic animals primal chaos chart relief, the modelling plain elegant. The entire place pavilion space is the black and white work, fights the tenon engagement mutually, does not have a wedge hitch. Pavilion high approximately 20 meters, wide approximately 17 meters. On the flagstone parapet two are the octagons. Each upturned eave fine is carving the lion, the elephant, the tiger, the leopard, each kind of beast crustification in towers in rake. The roofing for the olivine purple tricolor glazed tile, the roof lotus flower petal is serving as contrast alone style colored glaze bottle gourd Bao Ding, high the approximately 3.6 meters, the modelling is exquisite, is magnificent really. The two-row holds up eave stone column altogether 16, all chisells by the megalith. High approximately 4.8 meters, diameter approximately 50 centimeters. And outside the eave stone column eight reliefs hollow out roll the dragon thick column, with overpowering momentum, lifelike, is our country rare stone carving art treasure. The Eight Diagrams pavilion also has a myth, when in the past the fable constructed the Eight Diagrams pavilion, is going to be completed eve 11 p.m. to 1 a.m, facing Taoist trinity palace's stone column p'anlung sc gd reactivating, cared for to leap the cloud to go, was discovered by the month imperial assuming duty for the day messenger, decided on the column by the god fist, on this column head is also keeping now that fist India.

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