Chongqing liberation tablet-3
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Chongqing liberation tablet-3

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Picture size: 10794×5397 Canon 5D+10.5MM

Chongqing liberation tablet takes one of Chongqing's symbol buildings, appears
frequently in each kind of commodity and in the place logo. Chongqing liberation tablet located at the Yuzhong District nationality, the civil rights, Zou
accommodates the intersection which three main roads connect, passes the height 27.5 meters, has the circular newel stairs to reach the peak. This building was completed at first in March 12, 1940 Mr. Sun Yat-Sen the passed commemoration day, was the low wooden structure, was called “the energetic fortress”. after in 1945 the Sino-Japanese War won reconstructed, the autograph was “the Sino-Japanese War victory discipline stone tablet recording meritorious deeds”. in 1950 changed the topic by Liu Bocheng “Chongqing people to liberate the monument”. the liberation tablet center shopping plaza is not only the Yangtze River upstream gold business area, is also west China the biggest commercial walk block, synthesis functions and so on collection shopping, leisure, traveling, commerce, dining, entertainment in a body.
In the central area region has 7600 tertiary industry organizations (unit),
wholesales Retail business 5253; Business area surpasses 5000 square meters large-scale markets to have more than 20; The whole city ten big west most Commercial departments, have occupied five in the liberation tablet business central area; Star-level hotel (restaurant) 10.

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Meaning "double celebrations" in Chinese, Chongqing was built in the 11th century BC during the Zhou Dynasty. Now Chongqing is the biggest city in China in terms of area and population. Also known as "Fog City" in addition to "the Furnace," Chongqing is covered with a thick layer of fog for an average of 68 days a year, usually in spring or autumn. The fog gives the place an air of mystery.

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