Chorrillo del Salto
South America

The waterfall with an approximate drop of 20 metres, hidden by a forest, is located 3km outside of El Chaltén. The waterfall can be reached either by walking or by car, along the road that goes to Desierto Lake. Not far along the road we take a path on the left hand side that takes us to the waterfall. The stream here is in its last leg of its journey before it flows into the Vueltas River. This trekking is ideal for people with little time to spare.

In the winter months the waterfall freezes over and ice climbing lovers make the most of its easy accessibility and climb it.


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Copyright: Marcio cabral
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Tags: chorrillo del salto; waterfall. el chalten; patagonia; los glaciares; argentina
  • Amin Abedini over 1 year ago
    Amazing Landscape :D
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