Constructora "El Remanso"
VI Region of Chile

Construction The Remanso Ltd. was founded in 1993 in the city of Santiago, Patricio Ferrer and Jose Miguel Legarreta Jimo, both civilian builders Catholic University.

The holding company "The Backwater", associated with the Chilean Chamber of Construction, the company consists of: Real Estate Sinan Ltd., Construction The Remanso Ltd., Organizer Sinan Ltd., and is associated with the Real Estate Ltd. CasasQuinta which have put their best effort to give the most thorough and comprehensive housing solutions in both the Fifth and the Sixth Region.

Some of his projects in the Sixth Region are:
In the town of San Fernando: Villa the Alamo, 169 homes, Villa Don Dario; 146 homes, Villa bell; 80 homes. Villa San Andres, 149 homes, housing complex San Marcelino, 30 homes, housing estate El Remanso, 63 homes and St. Theresa Housing Complex I, II, III and IV with a total of 135 homes.

In the Commune of Chimbarongo: Villa Bell, 146 homes, Villa Maitenes, 123 homes in the town of Rengo and Villa Araucaria - 120 homes, Villa Villa Miraflores Miraflores I and II with 150 homes.
In Peumo: Villa Araucaria with 120 homes, Clear Water Villa, 108 homes.
In the town of Rengo: Villa El Vilorio I and II with 250 homes. The maitenes with 145 homes, and Villa El Romeral with 525 homes under construction.


"Providing construction services related to urbanization and national consultancies, focusing mainly on the market for affordable housing, actively working with our constituents to obtain products from the best price / quality, products and technologies today: with qualified and committed to customer satisfaction regarding the quality and timeliness of service, job security, environmental stewardship, integrity and pride of belonging to our company. "

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Luis A. Romero Pavez (WroKeN)
Constructora "El Remanso"
Luis A. Romero Pavez (WroKeN)
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