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Galleria Subalpina - Luci d'artista 2009

This one is the only new light installation for the 12th edition of "Luci d'artista": Marco Gastini - "L'energia che unisce si espande nel blu".

Three rows of 33 frames, each of them measuring 3 by 3 meters. 

Here an interesting video showing the birth of this work of art.

Copyright: Alessandro Ugazio
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10620x5310
Uploadet: 24/11/2009
Opdateret: 08/10/2014


Tags: luci d'artista; marco gastini; galleria subalpina; turin lights; blue
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Roberto Scavino
Galleria Subalpina, «Luci d'artista»
Alessandro Ugazio
Galleria Subalpina
Fabrizio Bertellino
Artist's Lights in Subalpina Gallery, Torino, Italy
Roberto Scavino
Piazza Carlo Alberto
Alessandro Ugazio
Piazza Carlo Alberto during snowfall
Gianluca Garelli
Piazza Carlo Alberto - Torino
Luca Alberigo
Palazzo Carignano, cortile - Torino
Roberto Scavino
Carlo Alberto Square, HDR panorama
Alessandro Ugazio
Palazzo Carignano, atrium and north staircase
Roberto Scavino
Palazzo Carignano, the 19th century façade
Alessandro Ugazio
Palazzo Carignano - Museo del Risorgimento
Alessandro Ugazio
Palazzo Carignano, north staircase
Galliez Stephane
Bonaparte bridge in Lyon
Jeffrey Martin
Máchovo jezero - Gigapixel
Arnaud Chapin
Cancale Sous la digue
Martin Berta
Synagogue Kosice
Pavlov House
Vladimir Chumachenko
Balaklava - view from the Genoese fortress 2
Andrea Biffi
Roma-Colosseo e Arco di Costantino
Mark Schuster
Frank Whittle the inventor of the Turbo-Jet - Coventry
Paul Palmer
Venice 53rd Art Biennale - Japan exhibit
Uwe Buecher
The more leaning tower
Robert L. Tilden
Albert Mountain Fire Tower
Alessandro Ugazio
Perti (Finale Ligure), chiesa di Sant'Eusebio, retro
Alessandro Ugazio
Graffiti in an ex-foundry area, Corso Lione
Alessandro Ugazio
Un batterista ogni 1000 metri per 42 chilometri...
Alessandro Ugazio
Strapatente Cave, Finale Ligure
Alessandro Ugazio
Olympic Stadium
Alessandro Ugazio
Basilica of Superga, view from the dome, south side
Alessandro Ugazio
Alessandro Ugazio
Rettorato sculpture university turin italy
Alessandro Ugazio
South panorama from St. John Cathedral's bell tower
Alessandro Ugazio
Grotta della Pollera, Perti
Alessandro Ugazio
Il Forte di Fenestrelle al crepuscolo
Alessandro Ugazio
Campo di Ghetto Novo, Venezia
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