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Ground level of Soroca Fortress interior

You’re at the base of Soroca Fortress interior, a part of the defense system of the Moldovan state during the Middle Ages. Visitors always wonder that such small interior houses two wells. Even more interesting is the fact that square-shaped well was made by the Moldovan and the Poles were the ones in charge of designing the round-shaped one, while in the cultures of these people the shapes were usually applied vise versa (i.e., Slavic people preferred using square shapes and Moldovan were fond of round shapes). Now the Moldovan well is covered with a thick metal lattice (one can see coins and paper money inside, some of them are stuck to the ferns growing from the well’s walls) while the Polish one is a functioning well with a wooden roof and chained bucket.

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Malinnikov Ruslan
Second level of Soroca Fortress interior
Malinnikov Ruslan
Top level of Soroca Fortress
Nikolai Soloviov
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