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Igrejinha da Pampulha4

Church of Saint Francis of Assis, known as "Igrejinha da Pampulha", in reference to the neighborhood where it is located - Pampulha, was built between 1943 and 1944, but was opened to the public only in April 1959, due to differences between clerics about the painting of St. Francis of Assis produced by Candido Portinari. The architectural design of the church belongs to Oscar Niemeyer.

It is considered the masterpiece of the set. In designing the chapel, Oscar Niemeyer makes new experiments in concrete, abandoning the slab under stilts and building a parabolic vault in concrete, until then only used in hangars. The vault in the chapel at Pampulha would be, at the same time, structure and closure, eliminating the need for masonry. Initiates what would be the guideline for all his work: an architecture where will be preponderant the plasticity of the concrete structure, with bold, unusual and striking shapes.

Journalists of the time called attention to the form of the church reflected in the pond: it would resemble the hammer and the sickle of communism, the political movement at which Niemeyer has always been linked.

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