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Daming Lake, Jinan Jinan is one of three spots, is the heart of the city in a rare natural lakes, is also important attractions Springs and open windows. It is located at the center of northeast, north of Old Town. Daming Lake is a city of convergence of all the springs from the natural lake, great area, accounting for

almost a quarter of the old city. All urban areas together in this spring, after the door into the Xiaoqing River water from the north. Today the lake 46 hectares (690 acres), park area of 86 hectares (1290 acres), the lake about fifty-three%, with an average depth of about 2 meters, the depth of about 4 meters.

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Shandong, ancient place of for the Qi and Lu, located at the east China coast, the Yellow River downstream, the Beijing Hangzhou big canal's north section, the provincial capital supposes in Jinan, in the province the main super city has Jinan, Qingdao, Yantai, Zibo. Western connects the interior, with Hebei, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu four provinces borders on separately from north to south; Middle high suddenly, Taishan is the throughout peak; The eastern Shandong Peninsula enters Yellow Sea, north separates the Bohai Sea channel and the Liaodong Peninsula relative, surrounds and protects Beijing and Tianjin and Persian Gulf, east separates Yellow Sea and the Korean Peninsula faces one another, the southeast is near depends on broad Yellow Sea, to look out south East China Sea and Japan the chain islands.