Marina Port La Royale
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Marina Port La Royale

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Marina "Port La Royale" in Marigot, Saint-Martin (FWI).

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A: Marina Port La Royale, St. Martin

Af Frank Taylor, 60 meter væk

This is in front of the Capitainerie (marina office).  Notice the restaurants along the water's edge....

Marina Port La Royale, St. Martin

B: Rue Charles de Gaulle

Af Alexandre Duret-Lutz, 220 meter væk

Shops in the Charles de Gaulle street, in Marigot, Saint-Martin (FWI). It looks like one of the trees...

Rue Charles de Gaulle

C: Pelican at Marigot

Af Alexandre Duret-Lutz, 290 meter væk

A pelican statue on a roundabout in Marigot, Saint-Martin (FWI).

Pelican at Marigot

D: Square de la Mairie

Af Alexandre Duret-Lutz, 310 meter væk

Small square behind the town hall (mairie) in Marigot, Saint-Martin (FWI).

Square de la Mairie

E: Marigot's Market

Af Alexandre Duret-Lutz, 320 meter væk

The market, on the waterfront of Marigot, Saint-Martin (FWI).

Marigot's Market

F: Marigot Bay, St. Martin

Af Frank Taylor, 320 meter væk

This is the dinghy dock near the ferry dock at Marigot Bay in St. Martin.  Notice the colorful clothi...

Marigot Bay, St. Martin

G: Pillar field

Af Alexandre Duret-Lutz, 490 meter væk

I'm not sure what this part of the Marigot city in Saint-Martin (French West Indies) was and is now s...

Pillar field

H: Sentry Box

Af Alexandre Duret-Lutz, 520 meter væk

A sentry box in front of Immeuble du Port, Marigot, Saint-Martin, FWI.

Sentry Box

I: Marigot's church

Af Alexandre Duret-Lutz, 540 meter væk

The church of Marigot, below the road leading to Fort Saint-Louis.

Marigot's church

J: Route Du Fort

Af Alexandre Duret-Lutz, 600 meter væk

This is the end of the road leading the Fort Saint-Louis, in Marigot.  You can come here by car, and ...

Route Du Fort

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Text by Steve Smith.

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