Mega Kuningan International Complex

As you all maybe aware of recent Jakarta Bomb at Ritz Carlton & JW Marriot Hotel...this is it....this is the complex...

Four buldings on the front, second from the right is the Ritz Carlton Hotel, where the second bomb blast took place...:(

The building very near by the Ritz Carlton Hotel (slightly to the right on the background) is the the JW Marriot Hotel, where the first bomb shocked the whole country...and the whole world...

I took this picture 1 month before before the bombing, and now I tribute this picture to the victims...may they rest in peace...

..and to show to whoever responsible for this incident....we are not affraid of your terror!! Indonesia Unite!!...

Copyright: Idvr360
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 6000x3000
Uploadet: 31/07/2009
Opdateret: 18/09/2014


Tags: jakarta; kuningan; hotel; marriot; ritz; carlton; outdoor; buildings
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