Qiqihar Bokui Mosque-2
Heilongjiang Province

Bukui Jianhua District, Qiqihar City mosque located in the alley courtesy 1. Located in a bustling commercial street ---- Bo Kui Shen Xiang, the Heilongjiang Province, the largest mosque in the temple one of the relatively intact, the study of religious history and architecture of important value, as the provincial key cultural relics protection units .

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More About Heilongjiang Province

Heilongjiang is China's most northeastern province, an area of 46 square kilometers, the provincial capital Harbin. As early as three to four million years ago during the Paleolithic, there is human activity here. Heilongjiang Province is located in east longitude 121 ° 11'-135 ° 05 ', latitude 43 ° 25'-53 ° 33 '. The northern, eastern Heilongjiang, Ussuri River as the boundary, and the Russian River; adjacent to the western Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; the southern border of Jilin Province.