Tatarsky Saraktash Settlement
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Panoramabillede af Metik Sergey EXPERT Taget 08:06, 28/06/2012 - Views loading...


Tatarsky Saraktash Settlement

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View from a hill on Tatarsky Saraktash settlement and Sakmara river. In a hot summer day on 26th of June, 2012, at 3.15 p. m.

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A: On Red Mountain

Af Metik Sergey, 1.1 km væk

Krasnaya Gora (Red Mountain) rises on the right bank of Sakmara  river. The name of the mountain is d...

On Red Mountain

B: Memorial In Rayon Center Saraktash

Af Metik Sergey, 6.0 km væk

Memorial to the fallen in the Great Patriotic war in rayon center Saraktash in Orenburg region. The S...

Memorial In Rayon Center Saraktash

C: Near Tatarka Mountain

Af Metik Sergey, 11.6 km væk

Tatarka mountain with height 363 meters above sea level on azimuth of 33. There's Bolshoy Ik (Big Ik)...

Near Tatarka Mountain

D: On Sambula Mountain

Af Metik Sergey, 11.9 km væk

View from a high steep bank of the valley Sakmara - Mount Sambula. At this point, the river washes th...

On Sambula Mountain

E: Urochische Bishkain

Af Metik Sergey, 12.0 km væk

View on urochische (natural boundery) Bishkain (means "five birches" in Turkic). It covers an area of...

Urochische Bishkain

F: View From A Hill Near Novosyolki Village

Af Metik Sergey, 16.5 km væk

View from a hill on Novosyolki village and Bolshoy Ik (Big Ik) river valley eastwards. The  river val...

View From A Hill Near Novosyolki Village

G: Bolshoy Ik River

Af Metik Sergey, 22.7 km væk

Bolshoy (Big) Ik river is the main tributary of Sakmara and gives up to 40% of its total flow. Its le...

Bolshoy Ik River

H: View From Dlinnaya Mountain 1

Af Metik Sergey, 23.1 km væk

View from the top of Dlinnaya (long, stretched) Mountain on Uskalyk river valley and Andreevka villag...

View From Dlinnaya Mountain 1

I: View From Dlinnaya Mountain 2

Af Metik Sergey, 23.2 km væk

View from the slope of Dlinnaya (long, stretched) Mountain on Uskalyk river valley near the border Or...

View From Dlinnaya Mountain 2

J: On Verblyuzhka Mountain 2

Af Metik Sergey, 27.3 km væk

 View from  Verblyuzhka (Camel) mountain on Bolshoy Ik River Valley and the tract of Kerpy near Kovyl...

On Verblyuzhka Mountain 2

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Text by Steve Smith.

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