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The Monarch Glen - The Monarch Trail

This trail is a collaborative effort of the community, individuals and scouts with interest and advice from the Friends of Milwaukee Rivers, Sierra Club, Park People, Parks Department and Monarch Watch at Kansas Univeristy. Our hope is to preserve and restore this essential migration stopping point in an urban setting so we can protect and learn from these amazing creatures. This Sycamore tree is one of the few roosting sites of the Monarchs on the grounds.

Copyright: Jason Dembosky
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Tags: monarch trail; milwaukee county grounds
  • nannasin smith almost 2 years ago
    we can protect and learn from these amazing creatures. <a title=PT2272 href=http://www.hqew.net/product-data/PT2272 target=_blank>PT2272</a>
  • Sue Barbian almost 2 years ago
    Really Cool, Jason!
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