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White tea ancestors 白茶祖 (085)
Zhejiang Province



      White tea ancestors:

Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province,  Tianhuangping town the Village Hengkeng dock groups of villagers Gui home field, is the source of the Huangpu River, the seat. Between 800 meters above sea level mountain forests,Gui family the guardian of the wild white tea for a Millennium. County Institute of Forestry Sciences in 1980 found that the tree of the white tea, protective cultivation. In 1982, the survival of asexual reproduction 288, to the County Institute of Forestry Sciences in 1990 to establish white tea base 5.6 acres. 1992 , Academy of Agricultural Sciences presided over the implementation the <Anjibaicha specific traits of identification and use> subject, completed by the end 1997 research. 1999 Anjibaicha won the gold medal of international tea. Since then, the Anji white tea is famous at home and abroad. Jiangsu and Zhejiang and other places cultivated white tea white tea from the Fengyun Millennium. Hence the name "white tea ancestors" 

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    More About Zhejiang Province

    Zhejiang Province for a China's province, is situated at south the Chinese southeast coast Yangtse Delta the wing, east is near East China Sea, south meets Fujian, west and Jiangxi, Anhui are connected, north with Shanghai, Jiangsu borders on. Within the boundaries biggest rivers Qiantang River, because the river current is winding, calls the river, also calls Zhejiang, the province by river, the abbreviation ?Zhejiang?. Provincial capital Hangzhou. The Zhejiang Province thing and the north and south straight distance is about 450 kilometers, the land territory area 101,800 square kilometers, are the nation 1.06%, is one of Chinese area smallest provinces. Next governs Hangzhou, the Ningbo 2 vice-provincial level cities, Wenzhou, Shaoxing, Huzhou, Jiaxing, Jinhua, Chu chou, Taizhou, Lishui, the Zhoushan 9 locally administered levels, altogether 11 municipalities. Zhejiang Province located at the Chinese southeast coast, is situated between the north latitude 27 ' 12 '' - 31 degrees 31 point and between the longtitude 118 E - 123 degrees, east is close to East China Sea, notogaea Fujian, west and Jiangxi, Anhui are connected, north and Shanghai, Jiangsu is a neighbour. The thing and the north and south straight distance is 450 kilometers, the land territory area 101,800 square kilometers. Within the boundaries biggest rivers Qiantang River, because the river current is winding, also calls Zhejiang, the province by river, Jian Chengwei Zhejiang. The entire province has critical terrain feature landscape more than 800, waters landscape more than 200, biological landscape more than 100, humanities landscape more than 100; Has Xihu, the Fuchunjiang River - Xin'an river, Yandangshan, Moganshan, the Putuo, Mt. Tiantai, Nanxijiang, the shengsi archipelago, Shuanglongdong, the dwelling place of celestial beings, the Xuedou, the Huanjiang - Wuxie, Mt. Jianglang, the dwelling place of celestial beings and so on 14 state-level key scenic spot area, Dongqian Lake, the big Buddhist temple, Fang Yan, Mt. Lanke and so on 42 provincial level scenic spot area; Has Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Chu chou, near the sea 5 state-level historical city, provincial level historical city 12; Has nation key Cultural relic preservation organ 134, provincial level key Cultural relic preservation organ 279; Has state-level nature protection area 7, country forest park 20.