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Beidaihe Pigeon Nest Park -Takatsuno Pavilion

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The pigeon nest park calls the hawk the angle park. Because the stratum break forms near the sea cliff on, some megalith takes the form of the eagle to stand erect, therefore famous hawk hornstone. This stone high 20 meters, in the past the common in groups pigeon either morning and evening gathered or nest Yu in Shi the seam, therefore acquired fame the pigeon nest. The pigeon nest park is the ornamental marine sunrise's best place, on summer day early morning, here converges several thousand tourists watch “the red glowing sun bath sea” the marvelous sight. 1954 the year summer, Chairman Mao Zedong once looked out into the distance in the pigeon nest park, is filled with emotion, writes down "Wave To wash Sand · Beidaihe" this immortal poem. To cherish the memory of Chairman Mao sincerely the great achievements, the Beidaihe Area Government respect sets up the poetry tablet and Chairman Mao Zedong the statue. in 1985 southeast went against in the garden near the sea cliff place, built up 50 meter long constructions in the style of antiquity ---Looks at the sea corridor, in the porch the colored drawing on pottery more than 100 tradition murals. South the corridor constructs the book Chinese style pavilion, feeds specially the celebrity the famous expert and the tourist inscribes a poem does painting, in the book Chinese style pavilion hangs has Vice Committee Chief Zhou Gucheng to paint "Book Chinese style pavilion" the signboard. The book Chinese style pavilion's west side constructs the tablet porch and the tablet pavilion, above hangs has Vice-Premier Fang Yi to paint "Tablet Pavilion" the signboard. West the park the beach has artificial lake one, in the lake waterside pavilion Qu Qiao, the alcove and so on is the place which you rest, play, in the garden is breeding 600 square pigeons, may play jokes upon, the group photo with you. Sets up long the porch, observes the sea, enjoys the red glowing sun to spurt out, looked that a marine fishing sail spot, the pigeon nest park will decide will enable you to favor to it has Canada.

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The pigeon nest park calls the hawk the angle park. Because the stratum break forms near the sea clif...

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