Carenage Waterfall Vertigo New Caledonia
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Panorama-Foto von: Richard Chesher PRO EXPERT MAESTRO Fotografiert: 00:02, 01/02/2012 - Views loading...

Carenage Waterfall Vertigo New Caledonia

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By the number of images taken here you can guess that these waterfalls are one of our favourite trekking destinations. It is also a good photographic laboratory for sphere images because there is something of interest everywhere you look. 

I took this image with a tiny little GoPro Hero2 Camera (cost $199) to see how it would compare with the one I took from almost exactly the same spot with my Canon 7D and Sigma lens (more than ten times the cost of the GoPro). I was surprised to find the resolution was actually better with the GoPro Hero2 - although there was more sensor noise in the image. The Canon 7D handled high contrast areas better - but then the Canon had a nice sunny - the GoPro had to contend with a dark cloudy day. 

The Canon 7D, Nodal Ninja and tripod is a hefty mass to carry on a trek and up and down a very steep trail while the GoPro weighs just about nothing and works fine at the end of a carbon telescopic pole that doubles as a walking stick. Plus it was a rainy day and the GoPro comes in a little waterproof housing. 

But what I was really wanted to try was to take the shot suspended out over the waterfall pool - something I really could not do with the Canon 7D. The results are pretty good - especially on a rainy day, and you get a nice sense of vertigo looking straight down into the pool from the cliff face.

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Dies ist ein Überblick von New Caledonia

New Caledonia is the closest South Pacific Island to Australia and New Zealand. It is a French Territory and although the official language is French the culture is a blend of Melanesian, European, Polynesian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian, and more. There is one large mountainous island called Grande Terre and 6 smaller islands - the three Loyalty Islands, Belep and the Isle of Pines.

The islands are remarkably unpopulated and there are vast areas of wilderness. There are hundreds of kilometers of walking treks, camp grounds, more than 42 parks and reserves, and crystal clear rivers with sparkling waterfalls. Almost one third of the population is located in the capital city of Noumea. Nickel mining is the primary industry and is the major contributor to the high standard of living in the country. Grande Terre is surrounded by the second largest barrier reef in the world and the protected lagoon created by this barrier reef is the largest in the world. Listed as a World Heritage Site in 2008, the lagoon is 24,000 square kilometers and supports a diverse and luxuriant fauna of fish and invertebrates.

The vibrant, clear and rich colors are one of the first things that visitors notice when they arrive. Noumea has a complete range of hotels, resorts, restaurants, and activities to welcome visitors.

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