Catedral De Zacatecas
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Catedral De Zacatecas

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Bilder in der Nähe von Mexico


A: Santo Domingo small Plaza

von Eblem, 90 Meter entfernt

Located in Zacatecas, Mexico

Santo Domingo small Plaza

B: Calderon Theatre

von Eblem, 130 Meter entfernt

Inside of Calderon Theatre in Zacatecas, Mexico

Calderon Theatre

C: Teatro Calderon Zacatecas Mexico

von Alejandro Ahumada, 130 Meter entfernt

Teatro Calderon Zacatecas Mexico

D: Ex Convent of San Agustin

von Eblem, 260 Meter entfernt

Today is an art museum for visitors, long ago this was a roman catholic church.

Ex Convent of San Agustin

E: Escenario en antro Life Zacatecas

von Guillermo Palacios, 300 Meter entfernt

Escenario en antro Life Zacatecas


von Alejandro Ahumada, 340 Meter entfernt

G: Colorful Maze Market

von Eblem, 390 Meter entfernt

Colorful Genaro Codina Market in Zacatecas (the maze or laberynth, mercado laberinto)

Colorful Maze Market

H: Rafael Coronel Museum Zacatecas Mexico

von Alejandro Ahumada, 730 Meter entfernt

Rafael Coronel Museum Zacatecas Mexico

I: Mina El Edén

von Guillermo Palacios, 750 Meter entfernt

Zacatecas es una ciudad radiante que conserva en su naturaleza la principal riqueza minera del mundo....

Mina El Edén

J: Ex-Convent of San Francisco

von Eblem, 760 Meter entfernt

This place has some beautiful gardens between ruins of it was a convent, from this place, the first m...

Ex-Convent of San Francisco

Das Panorama wurde in Mexico, North America aufgenommen

Dies ist ein Überblick von North America

North America includes Mexico, the United States, Canada, and Gotham City.

The region temporarily existed as a Protectorate of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Norton I, with its capital being the city of San Francisco. Sadly, this term of benevolent ebullience lasted a brief two decades and ended c. 1880.

The United States is now the dominant country of North America. It arose as a nation only 225 years ago after a successful rebellion against the British government under King George III.

From a distance, it appears that the eastern coastlines of North and South America fit exactly into the west coast of Africa. In fact, about 250 million years ago these continents really were all connected in one land mass that we have named Pangaea.

With such a foundation in tectonic unity, there is no doubt that someday soon the people on every continent of earth will realize their fundamental similarities. Expect massive leaps in creative output in your area!

Text by Steve Smith.

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