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Crossroad Lermontov and Kutuzov

In 2011, the Day of State Symbols in Pavlodar on the corner of Kutuzov and Lermontov was installed Kazakhstan national flag on the flagpole height of 40 meters.

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pafnutiy pavlov
Crossroad Kutusov str. & Lermontov str.
pafnutiy pavlov
Artur platz
pafnutiy pavlov
Bus station
Konstantin Martalog
Krupskoi - Korolenko
Konstantin Martalog
Yard at Krupskoi 82/1, 84. Pavlodar. Kazakhstan.
Konstantin Martalog
Yard at Krupskaya 82. Pavlodar. Kazakhstan.
Konstantin Martalog
Yard at Toraigirova 83. Pavlodar. Kazakhstan.
Konstantin Martalog
Yard at Krupskoi 80. Pavlodar. Kazakhstan.
Konstantin Martalog
Дворик на Крупской 80/1. Павлодар. Казахстан.
Konstantin Martalog
Yard at Toraigirova 81. Pavlodar. Kazakhstan.
Konstantin Martalog
Yard at Toraigirova 79. Pavlodar. Kazakhstan.
Vladimir Kanareykin
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Top Observatory of Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower
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Tord Remme
Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia
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云南 昆明 东川红土地 1——落霞沟的梯田
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pafnutiy pavlov
On the high bank of the Irtysh
pafnutiy pavlov
Drama Theatre
pafnutiy pavlov
Square near the lyceum № 8
pafnutiy pavlov
Crymea/Tikhaya bay
pafnutiy pavlov
Book wish fulfillment
pafnutiy pavlov
cozy area near the "energy"
pafnutiy pavlov
in the Park of the First President
pafnutiy pavlov
Crossroad Kutusov str. & Lermontov str.
pafnutiy pavlov
У Вечного огня
pafnutiy pavlov
The bridge across the pond
pafnutiy pavlov
Sevastopol/ Nord side/beach
pafnutiy pavlov
war memorial
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