Front Lawn - Hacienda El Carmen 16
Hacienda El Carmen was originally a monastery. The original building was built in 1722. Since passing through many generations it has been many things, and now it is a wonderful hotel with about 20 rooms. There is also a spa (including massage), a restaurant/bar, a chipping green, water with pedal boats, a sweat lodge, a horse, and peacocks. It is hard to imagine a more relaxing place to spend a few days than here. I can say that honestly because we were urged to stayed here for the night, in order to better document the place in words and pictures. It's hard to leave this place in a bad mood - it might even be impossible.
Copyright: Jeffrey martin
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Aktualisiert: 05/06/2014


Tags: hotel; hacienda; monastery; historical; restaurant; conference center; luxury
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Jeffrey Martin
Library - Hacienda El Carmen 18
Jeffrey Martin
Entrance - Hacienda El Carmen 13
Jeffrey Martin
Cellar - Hacienda El Carmen 27
Jeffrey Martin
2nd floor at sunrise - Hacienda El Carmen 4
Jeffrey Martin
Bedroom 3 - Hacienda El Carmen 32
Jeffrey Martin
Front facade - Hacienda El Carmen 14
Jeffrey Martin
Bar - Hacienda El Carmen 28
Jeffrey Martin
Lobby - Hacienda El Carmen 17
Jeffrey Martin
Bedroom 5 - Hacienda El Carmen 36
Jeffrey Martin
Upstairs hall - Hacienda El Carmen 6
Jeffrey Martin
Bedroom 6 - Hacienda El Carmen 37
Jeffrey Martin
Bathroom 1 - Hacienda El Carmen 30
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