Fort Pickens Cannon
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Panorama-Foto von: Thomas Stano PRO EXPERT Fotografiert: 19:05, 27/01/2013 - Views loading...

Fort Pickens Cannon

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Looking at a Civil War Era Cannon sitting on the wall of Fort Pickens. Located near Pensacola Florida on Santa Rosa Insland and is now part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

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A: Fort Pickens Gulf View

von Harold Satterfield, 20 Meter entfernt

From Battlements overlooking the Gulf of Mexico

Fort Pickens Gulf View

B: Fort Pickens Florida Battlements Bay View

von Harold Satterfield, 20 Meter entfernt

Atop the battlements on SW side of battlements

Fort Pickens Florida Battlements Bay View

C: Fort Pickens Florida Battlements

von Harold Satterfield, 30 Meter entfernt

Top of the battlements of Fort Pickens

Fort Pickens Florida Battlements

D: Fort Pickens Florida Inside Battlements

von Harold Satterfield, 40 Meter entfernt

Inside battlements underneath cannons

Fort Pickens Florida Inside Battlements

E: Fort Pickens Gun Port

von Thomas Stano, 60 Meter entfernt

Your Looking at the Gunport at Fort Pickens. At one time Cannons were stationed in thise Arcoves.Fort...

Fort Pickens Gun Port

F: Fort Pickens

von Thomas Stano, 60 Meter entfernt

Looking at the Court yard of Fort Pickens Located near Pensacola Florida on Santa Rosa Insland and is...

Fort Pickens

G: Fort Pickens Florida Parade Ground

von Harold Satterfield, 90 Meter entfernt

Parade ground inside of Fort Pickens Florida

Fort Pickens Florida Parade Ground

H: National Park: Fort Pickens

von Federico Alvarez, 160 Meter entfernt

Historic United States Fort in Pensacola, FL

National Park: Fort Pickens

I: Battrey Truman

von Thomas Stano, 540 Meter entfernt

This is the former site of Gun Battrey Truman located at Fort Pikens and guarded the entrance to Pens...

Battrey Truman

J: Disappearing Shore Gun

von Thomas Stano, 1.1 entfernt

The two six inch disappearing guns were station here at Battery Cooper were installed in 1906 to help...

Disappearing Shore Gun

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