Geodesic Center of South America
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Geodesic Center of South America

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Cuiabá is under the Geodesic Center of South America, at coordinates 15 ° 35'56 ", 80 south latitude and 56 ° 06'05", longitude 55 west. Situated on the current square Pascoal Moreira Cabral, was determined by Rondon in 1909, the correct point in the geodetic center has been challenged, but calculations made by the Brazilian Army confirmed the coordinates calculated by Rondon March. The square was known as Campo d'Ourique, where slaves punished and were carried out cavalhadas and bullfights. Starting in 1972, works in local City Council Cuiabá.

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A: Sesc Arsenal Cuiaba

von Ayslaner Gallo, 940 Meter entfernt

Opened in 1832, as the War Arsenal Captaincy of Mato Grosso, became a symbol of Brazilian nationality...

Sesc Arsenal Cuiaba

B: Sesc Cuiaba Arsenal - inner courtyard

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After major renovations, which respected the tipping historical and technical need every cultural act...

Sesc Cuiaba Arsenal - inner courtyard

C: Arena Pantanal

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D: Gold River Coxipó

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During the flags in 1718 an expedition organized by Scout Pascoal Moreira Cabral arrived in Rio Leme ...

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This natural source of water, the presence of manganese in the composition of the rock gives the blue...

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H: Stall Blue Lagoon

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The blue color of water is named the lagoon that serves to relieve the heat of the day difficult.

Stall Blue Lagoon

I: Mountain range of the Amolar.

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For an ancient trail used to shoo the cattle and to transport firewood in bullock carts, it crosses t...

Mountain range of the Amolar.

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Dies ist ein Überblick von Brazil

Here's your soundtrack. Okay, maybe they're not exactly brazillian but their music is awesome and their live shows legendary.

Now, Brazil covers almost half of South America and its Amazon rainforest is the world's largest jungle... which is rapidly getting cut down. The country is basically one giant botanical garden with some bangin' cities on its edges.

Brazil was colonized in 1808 by the royal court of Portugal, which was fleeing Napolean's troops. They didn't stay long, and Brazil won its independence in 1822.

Its biggest city, Sao Paulo, is the financial hub of South America. Brazil is the "b" in BRIC -- Brazil, Russia, India and China. These four were labeled the world's fastest developing large economies in the year 2001.

Brazil is known for three things: amazingly beautiful women, carnival, and Pele -- King of Football, Athlete of the Century, football ambassador of the world and a declared national treasure.

Brazillians can tell foreigners a mile away, by the way their hips move. Samba is built into the soul of brazil and carnival is when it bursts out into twenty-four hour undying explosions of sound on every street.

This picture of mask diving at the Taipus reefs makes me shed hot and salty tears all over my calendar, which is set on "January" right now.

Text by Steve Smith.

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