Li Zongren official mansion (Guilin)
Guangxi Province

The Li Zongren official mansion is the nation key Cultural relic preservation organ, located at Guilin civilized road 16, constructed at the 1940s, had Guilin “the presidential palace” the name. Unifies the villa type construction east for Republic of China China and the West, the main building sits faces, for post and panel structure two story of buildings, floor space 818 square meters. A building has the guardroom, the living room, the secretarial office; Two buildings have the conference room, the studio, the bedroom and so on. The official mansion abutting cedar lake Nanan, the environment is graceful. The original fence, the main building, the vice-building, the adjutant and the kitchen maintain complete with the one-story house, Lou Neihuan preserves relics and so on fireplace, bathtub.after the official mansion is in 1948 Li Zongren was appointed vice president, constructs by the Guangxi provincial government. in 1948 Li Zongren returned to the sweet osmanthus the second half of the year to 1949 October the period once in this housing and the work, received the Kuomintang military administration important person, called the Kwangsi clique upper formation character to hold the important meeting, and received Guangxi University petition student representative in this, the hearing Kwangsi clique upper society people “the peace talks” has advised, accepts "Reopens Peace negotiations Prospectus", drew up at that time affected very large "President Li Dai To live together, Yan Xishan, Committee Member Li Wen Fan Three Conversation Record". in 1966, overseas return Mr. Li Zongren in here former home grounds revisit. The official mansion warded off in August, 1991 for Mr. Li Zongren the cultural relic historical data exhibition hall, already became the Guilin famous tourist point.

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