Michurinsk, Monument to Michurin
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Type: Spherical
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Aktualisiert: 10/03/2012


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Artem Ryazanov
Church of the Ilii-prophet
Artem Ryazanov
Michurinsk, square in the Soviet street
Артём Рязанов
Michurinsk, Monument to Ilyich
Артём Рязанов
Michurinsk, the Glory Square
Artem Ryazanov
Michurinsk, institute field
Артём Рязанов
Michurinsk, evening, pond
Артём Рязанов
Pond under the ice
Артём Рязанов
Lesnoy Voronezh River in Michurinck
Sergey Pr
On the river Matyra
Sergey Pr
At the dam on the river Matyra
Valery Boretsky
Tambov embankment
Alexandr Mironenko
Petrosyan garage2
DigitalProperties.ca - Bryan Groulx
Quincy Market Colonnade
Matt Mascheri
USS KIDD moored in the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Heiner Straesser - derPanoramafotograf.com
Ayazin anatolia turkey
Fariborz Alagheband
Turkmenistan Dashagoz Ruhyyat Palace Outside
dieter kik
Buchen im Herbst Allee du Bourdonnel Quimper
Alan McLean (Albiphotography)
Whitelee Wind Farm , Turbine 42 , Eaglesham Moor , Glasgow
Daniel da Costa Gomes Martins
Rua Grande - São Luís (MA)
Martin Broomfield
Krakatoa Eruption, Sunda Strait West Java
Thang Bui
Under Long Bien Bridge
Soko Aoki
Pashpatinath, Kathmandu, Nepal
Gipfel Tour d'Ai
Andrei Zdetoveţchi
Bears' Cave
Артём Рязанов
Moscow, the view from the bridge over the Kremlevskaya naberezhnaya
Артём Рязанов
The Great Moscow State Circus on Vernadsky Prospekt
Артём Рязанов
The Dust - Borderlands 2
Артём Рязанов
Ellie, The Dust - Borderlands 2
Артём Рязанов
Moscow, a monument to Muscovites who died in the bombing
Artem Ryazanov
Shopping center "Ramstor the Capitol"
Артём Рязанов
Olya + Misha + Benagil Beach Portugal
Artem Ryazanov
Moscow, a bridge in the park in Homestead Trubetskih Khamovniky
Артём Рязанов
Whiterun - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Артём Рязанов
The Vale of Tears, Alice Madness Returns
Артём Рязанов
Moscow, an observation deck at the Academy of Sciences
Artem Ryazanov
A monument to Okudzhava on Arbat street
More About Michurinsk

Michurinsk (Russian: Мичу́ринск), before 1932—Kozlov (Козло́в), is the second most populous town, industrial and cultural centre in Tambov Oblast, Russia.Michurinsk is located at 52°53′N 40°29′E Coordinates: 52°53′N 40°29′E. Population: 96,093 (2002 Census). It was founded in 1635 at the northern end of the emerging Belgorod Line. A 25 km earthen wall was built eastward across the open steppe effectively blocking the Nogai Trail, a Tatar raiding route. The success of this line led to the building of further lines further south. It received town status in 1779. It is named after an outstanding Russian scientist Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin. It is home to Michurinsk air base.