Rampa de Vôo em Boicucanga
Sao Sebastiao

Rampa de vôo de Boiçucanga em São Sebastião - Take of in Boiçucanga beach, São Sebastião. Veja mais no site Vista Panorâmica.

Copyright: Luciano Correa | Vista Panoramica
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 12000x6000
Taken: 19/01/2009
Hochgeladen: 25/01/2009
Aktualisiert: 26/05/2014


Tags: boicucanga; boicucanga; praia; praia; beach; beach; paraglider; paraglider; parapente; parapente; sao sebastiao; sao sebastiao; maresias; maresias
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More About Sao Sebastiao

Sao Sebastiao is the oldest city in the North Coast of Sao Paulo. Before the Portuguese colonization, the region of Sao Sebastiao was occupied by Indians Tupinambá at north and Tupiniquins at south in the hills of Boiçucanga - 30 km south of Sao Sebastiao - a natural border lands of tribes. The city received this name in honor of the saint's day that fell off the Island of Sao Sebastiao - Ilha Bela today - the dispatch of Amerigo Vespucci: January 20 of 1502.