Sakura (Cherry Blossom)
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Sakura (Cherry Blossom)

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Japan is home of the famous Sakura, the beautiful cherry blossom that bloom in all parts of Japan from March to May depending on the areas.

The Inokashira park, at the west of Shinjuku is one of the most famous spot for Sakuras in Tokyo.

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A: Cherry blossoms full-bloomed

von Hiroharu Shizuya, weniger als 10 Meter entfernt

Inokashira park is famous as the showplace of cherry blossoms. It is a downtown oasis in a very big p...

Cherry blossoms full-bloomed

B: Sakura (Cherry Blossom)

von Thomas Humeau, 10 Meter entfernt

Japan is home of the famous Sakura, the beautiful cherry blossom that bloom in all parts of Japan fro...

Sakura (Cherry Blossom)

C: Mitaka - Ghibli Museum / 三鷹の森ジブリ美術館

von Unkle Kennykoala, 60 Meter entfernt

Update: swapped with a version taken in 2013. -------- Annual trip to Tokyo, Aug-Sep 2011. Ghibli Mus...

Mitaka - Ghibli Museum / 三鷹の森ジブリ美術館

D: Mitaka Ghibli Museum 2 / 三鷹の森ジブリ美術館 2

von Unkle Kennykoala, 100 Meter entfernt

Annual trip to Tokyo, August 2012. Mitaka Ghibli Museum near the Totoro ticket booth.  A large Totoro...

Mitaka Ghibli Museum 2 / 三鷹の森ジブリ美術館 2

E: Inokashira park

von Hiroharu Shizuya, 450 Meter entfernt

A fresh green Gotenyama. Inokashira Park is a rich green park with a big pond where you can rent a sm...

Inokashira park

F: Inokashira park

von Hiroharu Shizuya, 540 Meter entfernt

It is a mountain palace encompassed in Inokashira-koen. This place is covered in thick green from spr...

Inokashira park

G: Inokashira Koen

von Thomas Humeau, 550 Meter entfernt

Inokashira Koen is a park in the west of Tokyo, Japan. It is very popular for its cherry blossom in A...

Inokashira Koen

H: Benten

von Hiroharu Shizuya, 550 Meter entfernt

It is enshrined as a god of the art and study. It is a temple in which it boasts of the history of 10...


I: Temple in the Inokashira Park

von Thomas Humeau, 560 Meter entfernt

The Inokashira Park contains a small temple dedicated to Benzaiten, a vengeful goddess of love. Benza...

Temple in the Inokashira Park

J: Benten bridge

von Hiroharu Shizuya, 600 Meter entfernt

This is a bridge that spans the pond in Inokashira-koen. A red building and the benten seen in the ot...

Benten bridge

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Dies ist ein Überblick von Tama

Tama area is the name of the western part of Tokyo Metropolis.  It consists of 26 cities, 3 towns and a village.  A lot of people (about 4 milion) live in a eastern half part of the area.  However, there are many mountains in the western part of Tama area, and there are very little flat land.  Many hiking spots are in the western area, so you can enjoy walking on the trail, camping, and so on.  If you see the beautiful mountain scene, you may not believe this is also in Tokyo.

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