shirahige-jinja-at-okutama 2
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Panorama-Foto von: SEIMA EXPERT Fotografiert: 04:10, 21/05/2011 - Views loading...


shirahige-jinja-at-okutama 2

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Bilder in der Nähe von Tama


A: Shirahige-Jinja at Okutama

von SEIMA, 10 Meter entfernt

Shirahige-Jinja at Okutama

B: Ogouchi-Dam

von Yoshiteru Enomoto, 2.4 entfernt


C: Ogouchi-Dam

von Yoshiteru Enomoto, 2.5 entfernt


D: Gyodo at Shiromaru-DAM

von SEIMA, 4.5 entfernt

Gyodo at Shiromaru-DAM


von Yoshiteru Enomoto, 4.6 entfernt


F: Autumn leaves at Hatonosu-Keikoku

von SEIMA, 4.9 entfernt

Autumn leaves at Hatonosu-Keikoku

G: Hatonosu Keikoku Tokyo JAPAN

von SEIMA, 5.1 entfernt

Hatonosu Keikoku Tokyo  JAPAN

H: Autum Leaves at Hatonosu Valley

von SEIMA, 5.1 entfernt

Autum Leaves at Hatonosu Valley

I: Colorerd trees in front of the Kanotoiwa Rock

von Taro Tsubomura, 5.7 entfernt

Kanotoiwa rock is several huge rocks the height of which is about 100 m. The beautiful colored trees ...

Colorerd trees in front of the Kanotoiwa Rock

J: Kanotoiwa, narrow ravine

von Taro Tsubomura, 5.7 entfernt

Kanotoiwa, narrow ravine

Das Panorama wurde in Tama aufgenommen

Dies ist ein Überblick von Tama

Tama area is the name of the western part of Tokyo Metropolis.  It consists of 26 cities, 3 towns and a village.  A lot of people (about 4 milion) live in a eastern half part of the area.  However, there are many mountains in the western part of Tama area, and there are very little flat land.  Many hiking spots are in the western area, so you can enjoy walking on the trail, camping, and so on.  If you see the beautiful mountain scene, you may not believe this is also in Tokyo.

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