Massimo Storari


, Italy, Europe
About Massimo

I started stepping into panoramic photography in 2005, when I bought one training DVD by Greg Downing from Gnomon Workshop.

I've been literally amazed by this technique considering also its pivotal role for vfx production which is my main professional goal.  My first equipment was a Kaidan QuickPan IV rotator with a Standard Bracket for cylindrical panoramic photography. Later on I got a Manfrotto 303SPH rotator for cubic or spherical panoramic photography. The Manfrotto 303SPH solution is so precise, very usefull in case of wind but very heavy expecially for travelling!

In 2007 I purchased a Nodal Ninja 3 rotator by Fanotec for multiple rows as the lightest and easiest to carrie equipment which I found very useful on vacation or whenever I don't want to be overweighted by the backpack.

Usually, my equipment is made of one Nikon D-70 or one Nikon D-300, most of the times the lightweight NN3 as a rotator, a couple of lenses: Tamron 10/24 and a Nikkor 18/70 and a Manfrotto Digi 725B tripod. Usually I take panos for fun or for sampling landscapes I can use in Matte Painting or whatever visual effects applications as I did during my last travels in Mongolia, Norway, Danmark, Cornwall, Sardinia and India.

My workflow involves the use of softwares like Stitcher, Hugin, PhotomatixPro, CubicConverter and Photoshop.

You can get additional informations about me here.