8th elementary school Kladno
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Michal Kowalski
8th Elementary school Kladno
Michal Kowalski
Kladno - Podchod
Michal Kowalski
8th elementary school Kladno
Michal Kowalski
7th and 8th Elementary school Kladno
Michal Kowalski
8th elementary school Kladno 2
Michal Kowalski
Kladno - Nearby Václavské square
John Walker
"The Wind" Statue in Kladno
Michal Kowalski
Vaclavske square
Michal Kowalski
Michal Kowalski
Kladno housing estate
Michal Kowalski
Kladno - Park nearby Kaufland
Michal Kowalski
Kladno - Square nearby post office
Ruediger Kottmann
Ibiza - old town and harbor at night
プリア カーン(アンコール寺院)。赤い塗装の壁。 [カンボジア]
Shadi Alshahbi
Muhail after rain
Mohamed Attef
Sunset over the salty lake Baharyia Oasis
Jan Metzler
Alte Ziegelei - Twistringen 06
Dirk Wandel
cloister at the night
Nikolay Isaev
Ban Sabai
Dzmitry Lasko
On the roof of Milan Duomo | На крыше миланского собора
Alexander Kalashnikoff
Anton Tsarkov
Kladovka na Pokrovke-Leto
Marcio Cabral
Fitz Roy Valley at Magic Hour
Karel Gillissen
Rhine waterfall in Schaffhausen
Michal Kowalski
Krakovec castle 5
Michal Kowalski
Dvořákovy sady
Michal Kowalski
Praha - Viničná ulice
Michal Kowalski
Congress centre Prague
Michal Kowalski
Way to rail station in Kladno
Michal Kowalski
Planetarium Praha
Michal Kowalski
Průmyslový palác
Michal Kowalski
Michal Kowalski
By Field Nearby Kladno
Michal Kowalski
Path to Kožová hora
Michal Kowalski
Michal Kowalski
Václavské square
More About Kladno

Kladno  is a city in the Central Bohemian Region  of the Czech Republic. It is located 25 km northwest of Prague. Kladno is the largest city of the region and holds a population together with its adjacent suburban areas of more than 110,000 people. The city is part of the Prague metropolitan area.The first written evidence of Kladno dates back to the 14th century. In 1561 the city rights were secured. Kladno was the historical birthplace of heavy industry in Bohemia. For years, the town was home to the Poldi steel factory, the region's largest employer. The factory still stands but has been divided into smaller entities after privatisation and changes in ownership. The mining industry began here in 1842. The proximity to Prague helped to keep the local economy stable in spite of the heavy industrial decline after the collapse of the communist regime.Source: Wikipedia