Abu El-Hagag square
Luxor & Karnak
Copyright: Andrey Ilyin
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Updated: 07/04/2012


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Andrey Ilyin
Trade street El-Souk
Андрей Ильин
Площадь мечети Абу Эль-Хагаг
Salma ElDardiry
Ancient Gods
Salma ElDardiry
Luxor Temple second hall entrance
Temple Of Luxor , Obelisk on Court of Nactanebo
Luxor Temple Entrance Cose Up Aereal
Luxor Temple Entrance Aereal
Luxor Temple Entrance
Temple Of Luxor 2
Temple Of Luxor, Colonnade and remains of Roman Fort
Temple Of Luxor, Amenophis III Court and Tuthmosis III Chapel
Temple Of Luxor 4
C B Arun Kumar
Stone Sculptures Tirtagangga
Pirogov Dmitry
Kiy island in White sea
Ryan Helinski
Bandalier National Monument: Cliff Dwellings
Marcio Cabral
Veadeiros Tablelands 2
Nico Roig
Tribute to Escher
Bay Area VR
Downieville Historic Brewery Mine Shaft
Michael Pop
Das Grosse Rad im Turda Salzbergwerk
Arnaud Chapin
Landing after skydiving in Péronne's Dropzone
Laszlo Padar
Majk Kamaldul hermitage's
Andreu Vicens Oliver
Bodega Cooperativa de Felanitx , Es Sindicat
Pascal Moulin
Dans le gouffre de Proumeyssac au Bugue - France
Wolfgang Stich
High Resolution Stephansplatz in Vienna
Andrey Ilyin
Wooden carvings - local arts shop
Андрей Ильин
Krivokolenny pereulok
Андрей Ильин
Red Square
Andrey Ilyin
Epiphany in the waters of Meschersky pond
Андрей Ильин
Metro station Ohotny Ryad
Андрей Ильин
Russian Duma - 2
Andrey Ilyin
The Relics of St.Lucas in Moscow
Андрей Ильин
Bolshoy Krasnokholmsky Bridge
Andrey Ilyin
V-day 2006
Andrey Ilyin
Отель среди сельскохозяйственных угодий
Андрей Ильин
Hermitage Garden
Andrey Ilyin
Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts
More About Luxor & Karnak

Part of the Holy Land, Egypt offers a fascinating mixture of ancient pyramids, temples and other religious monuments. There are numerous possibilities to explore Egypt from desert treks to trips down the Nile or scuba diving in the Red Sea and along the Sinai coast. Cairo, which means “The Triumphant”, is home to the pyramids, sphinx and over 17 million residents within its metropolitan area. Luxor is often described as the world’s largest open air museum, built on the ancient city of Thebes. The Karnak temple complex, located near Luxor, is a collection of ancient temples, chapels and various other buildings.