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Type: Spherical
Resolution: 30000x15000
Uploaded: 11/08/2010
Updated: 30/09/2014


Tags: aljucen; hd; extremadura; via; de; la; plata; camino; santiago
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Lorenzo Valles Vila
El Carrascalejo
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Jero Morales
Lacaratoma3 out
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Dolmen de Lacara
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Trujillanos square
Joaquín Acedo Lavado
Aqueduct of the Miracles from river Albarregas
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Aqueduct of the Miracles
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Joaquín Acedo Lavado
Aqueduct of miracles from river Albarregas
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Aqueduct arcades
Joaquín Acedo Lavado
Aqueduct The milage from above
Teatro Romano
Mike Anton
Great Temple amphitheatre at Petra
Klaus Treichler
Schlossberg Stallbastei
Central Ferris Wheel(中環新地標-----摩天輪2), HK New Landmark.
Tumba de los Amantes de Teruel
Sam Rohn
United Nations General Assembly Hall, New York City
zeljko soletic
Dubrovnik, 06.10.2014.
Silvan Leinss
Aleksandr Reznik
2014 05 25 142044 Utah Bryce Canyon Fairyland loop trail
Mike Anton
Rock Cave at Petra, Jordan
The Bull of Spain in Extremadura
european-senior-canoe-sprint-championships-2010-Medal C1-200-men-Trasona-asturias
Maracanã Stadium
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Cross Seville-Alcala
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Aceuchal Plaza
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Castuera, Northrop/CASA RF-5A
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Cuatro Torres Business Area (CTBA)
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Zarza de Montanchez
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Arroyo de san Servan
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Villafranca de los Barros, Plaza del Ayuntamiento
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Square of the three jets
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Place Peraleda of Mata
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Solana De Los Barros
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Extremadura (Estremaura in Extremadura and the fala). It is a Spanish autonomous community located in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula. It is composed of the two largest provinces in Spain: Cáceres yBadajoz. Extremadura bounded on the north by the provinces of Salamanca, Ávila (Castilla y León), south conHuelva, Sevilla and Cordoba (Andalusia), on the east, with Toledo and Ciudad Real (Castilla-La Mancha) and west conPortugal. Its capital is Mérida (Augusta Emerita old), the city recognized by the Statute of Autonomy as the seat of the Government of Extremadura.