Liebherr LR 11350 @ Bauma 2007
New Munich Trade Fair Centre
Liebherr LR 11350

Technical data

Max. lifting capacity

1350 t at 14 m

Max. load moment

22748 tm

Main boom

30 m - 150 m

Lattice jib

36 m - 114 m

Derrick mast

42 m

Derrick ballast

660 t

Engine output

Cummins, 6-cylinders, turbo-Diesel, 640 kW

Max. travel speed

1.08 km/h

Total counterweight

1000 t

Link to the homepage of the LR 11350.

Copyright: Markus matern
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 5800x2900
Uploaded: 04/09/2008
Updated: 07/04/2012


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