dishwasher 2013

The rainy summer of 2013 is getting worse. Time for another spherical panorama. An insight into our dishwasher.

Nikon D5000 | Sigma Fisheye 8mm | Panoramic Tripod Head homemade | 4 Pictures | ISO 200 | 2 sec. | F6,7 | 8mm | PTGui | PaintShop Pro

Copyright: Ackermann Ralf
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8000x4000
Uploaded: 28/05/2013
Updated: 25/08/2014


Tags: geschirrspüler; geschirrspülmaschine; spülmaschine; dishwasher; lave-vaisselle
  • Güliz Çorgunlu Özkan 3 days ago
    sooo beautiful :))
  • Ackermann Ralf over 1 year ago
    Sorry! Had I known that a bather comes ..... I haven't prepared a towel.
  • Ackermann Ralf over 1 year ago
    Thank you. I see your panoramic °Coral Reef Club lily pond° and think to myself: This is a better place!
  • Aaron Priest over 1 year ago
    I've been thinking of getting this lens to use with my D700 to get into crazy tight places like this. Superb stitching! :-)
  • Daniel Christaldi over 1 year ago
    Impressive...MOST impressive.
  • Ackermann Ralf over 1 year ago
    Thank you. I used a small neon light, battery operated, wrapped with a thin piece of cloth.
  • Aaron Priest over 1 year ago
    That's great! What did you light it with?
  • guesti over 1 year ago
    I feel so much cleaner for looking at this, lol. Thanks for sharing, 5*!!
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