Lübeck - Hellgrüner Gang decorated for the Advent time

The passages (Gänge) in the Old Town of Lübeck, founded in the Middle Ages to accommodate workers and hand crafters on a limited space, have been poor men's quarters until late 20th century. In the 1970s and 1980s, most of the houses were completely renewed by private persons. Today, it's told to be cool to live in a "Ganghaus". On the other hand, the houses are built tightly one to another, so the inhabitants quickly run out of space. There are usually no cellars, neither, so you have to be innovative if you want to do an orchestral rehearsal, for example.  A commonly quoted legend says that the passage between the houses had to be just as broad and high to let two men with a coffin on their shoulder pass through. As far as I know, there is no verification for this legend.

Copyright: Alexander Jensko
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Tags: germany; luebeck; lubeck; untertrave; trave; gang; hell; grün; passage; backyard; architexture; culture; history; coffin; advent; christmas; star; stern; kranz; decoration; deko; stuhl; altbau; denkmalschutz
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Hellgruener Gang
Alexander Jensko
Lübeck - Hellgrüner Gang decorated for the Advent time
Alexander Jensko
Lübeck - Hellgrüner Gang
Alexander Jensko
Luebeck - Hellgruener Gang, old house
Alexander Jensko
Luebeck - Dunkelgruener Gang
Alexander Jensko
Lübeck, the passage to the Hellgrüner Gang
Alexander Jensko
Luebeck - Hellgruener Gang at night
Alexander Jensko
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