Кинотеатр Салют

Cinema "Salut" Fall 2009. City Ekaterinburg, Russia, the Urals. Cinema was rebuilt in the last time in 1979, and despite the difficult times of the late 90's, he worked and showed movies.The date of the base movie theater is 13 (26) October 1912, when at its current location was opened fourth elektroteatr in Yekaterinburg - "Art". Information about this with a photograph of the building was published in the city newspaper "Voice of the Urals" for October 13, 1912:


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Yuriy Bel'mesov
Gregory Ivanov
Yuriy Bel'mesov
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Vysotsky (skyscraper) - the highest point (188.3 m)
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Свердловское областное музыкальное училище им. П.И.Чайковского
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Yuriy Bel'mesov
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Yuriy Bel'mesov
Кинотеатр "Колизей"
Yuriy Bel'mesov
argazinskoe reservoir
Yuriy Bel'mesov
03 07 04
Yuriy Bel'mesov
argazinskoe reservoir
Yuriy Bel'mesov
Dinamo Stadium. Yekaterinburg. winter 2013
Yuriy Bel'mesov
Yuriy Bel'mesov
The ruins of an abandoned hospital.
Yuriy Bel'mesov
Embankment Iset, Yekaterinburg 22 04 10
Yuriy Bel'mesov
Ekaterinburg, Furmanova street. Spring 2010.
Yuriy Bel'mesov
Russia-Ekaterinburg-Elmash-Kalinowski cuts
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