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Hyderabad, India, Asia
About Udaykumar

      Life is a bundle of events. Some events are sweet and memorable. Good Photographer with Creativity, could flick & store such sweet memories in his Camera. Photos of memories are significant in later life. Mere click of Camera is not a Photography. Professional Photography with talent and creativity will enrich the beauty of Nature and Memories.

      I am, Uday kumar Nellipudi, a Professional Photographer with  rich experience in Creative Photography as well in the field of Virtual Tours.  My primary objective is to render the Photographic and Virtual tour services needed to the Individuals and Corporate Groups by updating innovative skills and adapting technological advancements.

Located at: Hyderabad     


website   : www.mithraphotography.com

email : mithraphotography@gmail.com

contact  : +91 9849003418,  +91 9000933111

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