Dong Van market is no longer exist

I was late. The Dong Van famous market, which was built in 1920 has ceased to exit as a live market. They moved the market to a new area which away 1 km. They said that Dong Van market will be retained for conservation. That is bad decision.

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    Comi Valentine
    The old market in Dong Van, Ha Giang (Chợ Đồng Văn cũ)
    Comi Valentine
    Breakfast at Dong Van market fair, Ha Giang (Ăn sáng ở chợ phiên Đồng Văn)
    Comi Valentine
    Tool Selling At Dong Van Market Fair, Ha Giang Vietnam (Chợ phiên Đồng Văn)
    Comi Valentine
    Wine trading area at Dong Van fair market, Ha Giang Vietnam (Đi chợ nếm rượu ngon chợ Đồng Văn)
    Comi Valentine
    Clothes trading area in Dong Van market, Ha Giang (Sạp vải vóc, áo váy ở chợ Đồng Văn)
    Comi Valentine
    Scent sticks selling area in Dong Van market, Ha Giang (Bán hương trầm ở chợ phiên Đồng Văn)
    Comi Valentine
    A morning at t-junction Lung Cu - Dong Van, Ha Giang
    Comi Valentine
    Ma Pi Leng mountain cross, Ha Giang (Đèo Mã Pí Lèng)
    Minh Le
    Post Flag Lũng Cú
    Comi Valentine
    A broken bridge in Trang Huong, Ha Giang
    Comi Valentine
    Lung Cu Flag Tower, Ha Giang (Cột cờ Lũng Cú)
    Comi Valentine
    Lung Cu Flag Tower, Ha Giang (Cột cờ Lũng Cú)
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    Conoco at Commerce
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    Møyskriv, at the cliff, Lårdalstigen
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    Kalbling 2196m
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    Thomas K Sharpless
    South from Sacré Coeur
    Astrolabio Colombia
    Catedral de Sal de Zipaquirá
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    Genghis Khan Statue Complex in mongolia
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    Choret Lake at night
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    Plumeria alba, Hue Citadel
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    Military Museum 3
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    Military Museum
    Thang Bui
    Entrance To The Huong Tich Cave
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    Quan Thanh Temple 2
    Thang Bui
    Hoan Kiem downtown
    Thang Bui
    On The Boat In Ha Long Bay
    Thang Bui
    Khe Ga Lighthouse, Plumeria alba
    Thang Bui
    Mausoleum of King Minh Mang-Outdoor
    Thang Bui
    The Cuu Village Phu Xuyen Hanoi 1
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    Cua Lo Fish Market
    Thang Bui
    Ham Ninh Market Phu Quoc Island Vietnam
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