House Rock, House Rock Valley, Arizona USA
House Rock Valley, named after this distinctive house built under a huge rock, is located at the eastern end of the Grand Canyon, above the famous Marble Canyon. Just a few miles from Lee’s Ferry, this distinctive location was a waystop for travelers when the roads were unpaved and there were few such places to stop. Now a tourist curiosity, the area may have received its name from the expeditions led by Major John Wesley Powell in 1872. Although a wagon road existed through the valley to Lee’s Ferry, a road was not constructed until Navajo Bridge was built in 1929. The north boundary of the valley is formed by the Vermilion Cliffs. There is a sizable herd of buffalo in the valley, but viewing the herd requires a long drive on an unimproved dirt road. The Valley lies at almost 7000 feet above sea level and can be very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer.
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  • HCUA 2 months ago
    That was where the movie, Buffalo Bill, was shot in 1944, with Joel McCrea. I saw the movie when it first came out, in April, 1944, always remembered some parts of it, and finally got to see it again on July 22, 2014. Turner Classic Movies showed it.
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