Outlook Festival 2011 - Main Stage

Outlook festival is a bass and sound system orientated festival over in Croatia. This year it was double the size of the previous with roughly 10k people, mainly from the UK. The main arenas are within the old 18th century fort. This year there was this main stage on the harbour. Overall the festival was amazing. Certainly will be going again.

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    Not perfect, but great document!
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    Tõnis Raid
    Deserted Building near Camping Brioni
    T. Emrich
    Sunset at Fazana
    Carsten Arenz
    Fazana - Istria - Plaza with Fishermen´s Memorial
    T. Emrich
    Sunset at Fazana
    T. Emrich
    Fazana Harbor in the evening
    Carsten Arenz
    Fazana - Istria - Plaza at Harbor
    Carsten Arenz
    Fazana - Istria - Harbor View
    T. Emrich
    Augustus Temple
    Anton Bauer
    Temple of Augustus (Pula)
    T. Emrich
    Sunset at Povijesni Muzej Istre
    T. Emrich
    View from top of the castle tower across Pula
    T. Emrich
    Sunset at the Castle
    Igor Marx
    Goslar Schuhhof
    Marcio Cabral
    San Martin Falls
    Jan Ksandr
    Desert around Qasr al Sarab
    Cwir 2012 08 26 3984
    Calvin Jones
    Horseshoe Canyon, Hunter Pictograph, Utah
    Zoran Trost
    Under the 2012 Photokina photo globe
    Unkle Kennykoala
    Kusatsu Onsen - Ousen Falls 1 / 群馬県草津温泉 嫗仙の滝 1
    Jerome Gerardin
    Le Batteriekopf
    Daniel Christaldi
    Batts Rock
    Joe Griffin
    Harvest Festival in Sloughouse, California
    Branko Glavic
    Within the abyss Pazinska jama
    Rob Antill
    Morzine Suspension Bridge
    Rob Antill
    Tahoe Aerial
    Rob Antill
    Split Lookout
    Rob Antill
    Clear Night Sky
    Rob Antill
    Tahoe Replace
    Rob Antill
    Senator House Roof Top
    Rob Antill
    Peak District Overlook
    Rob Antill
    Kootenay Lake Mission
    Rob Antill
    Valley Rally Meeting Point
    Rob Antill
    Clifton Skatepark - Nottingham
    Rob Antill
    Nottingham Trent Uni Campus
    Rob Antill
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