WTC Towers Bahrain
Middle East
Copyright: Allan De Leon
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8000x4000
Taken: 20/11/2011
Subida: 21/11/2011
Actualizado: 02/03/2012
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Allan De Leon
WTC Tower Bahrain
Matthew Normand
Arad Fort
360 Riyadh
Al Khobar Beach - شاطيء الخبر
Musab Shahid
cornish sphere
360 Riyadh
Al Khobar Beach - شاطيء الخبر
Musab Shahid
new cornish Al khobar
Musab Shahid
Khobar sea front cornish
360 Riyadh
Al Khobar Beach - شاطيء الخبر
Musab Shahid
Abdul Rehman bin Auf Mosque
Full Circle
Musab Shahid
Abdul Rehman bin Auf Mosque outside
Musab Shahid
Al khobar cornish prince Turkey street
Mohammad Shirani
Tioman Beach in Night
Arno Dietz
Western Toerlspitze
Sven Fennema
the silent listeners
Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji
Vakil Mosque
Uwe Koenigsmann
Reichstag Berlin Germany High Resolution 24156x12078 Pixel
Dr. Vogelsangklamm - Wasserfall
Carsten T. Rees
Saverne, Zabern, Notre-Dame-de-la-Nativité, Nave
Calvin K McDonald
Goat Falls, Sawtooth National Wilderness, Idaho, USA
Willy Kaemena
Grand Opening of Apple Store Hamburg Jungfernstieg
Mike Weidner - www.panomorph.de
0271 20110714 Goerlitz Villa Schlafzimmer
Paris Plage
Allan De Leon
SB Paris
Allan De Leon
Mc Do
Allan De Leon
Mainz Central Station
Allan De Leon
Hohenschwangau - Ticket Office for Castle
Allan De Leon
Allan De Leon
Pont Alexandre III
Allan De Leon
Pisa Tower North-East side
Allan De Leon
PISA Tower
Allan De Leon
Parliament Austria
Allan De Leon
Hilton Buda
Allan De Leon
3 kids
Allan De Leon
Inside the Cave
More About Middle East

Modern civilization began right here in the Tigris-Euphrates river valley. Also known as the Fertile Crescent or Mesopotamia, this is the place where, six thousand years ago, agriculture, writing and mathematics were brought into widespread use.The term "Middle East" comes from the British navy, which used it to describe the countries on the trade route from Europe to India and China. Everything from Afghanistan to Morocco may possibly be classified as "middle eastern", depending on whom you ask -- and when.Only a partial list of past Empires in the middle eastern territory includes Sumeria, Babylonia, Persia, the Ottoman Empire and the Roman Empire!When northern Europe was still lurking about in slimy cold stone castles playing chess, the Middle East was enjoying the flowers of poetry, luxurious craftsmanship, music and literature. In fact, the Renaissance in Europe was partly inspired by stories brought back from the middle east by travelers along the trade route.Strategic location, religious history and the world's largest supply of crude oil have kept the Middle East at the center of world activity for centuries. The saga continues.Text by Steve Smith.