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USA, North America
About Chris

Chris Ellenbogen Grew up in Western North Carolina in a Small artist community near Penland School of Crafts. He Went to College in Boone, NC and Graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Photography. After College Chris spent some time living in the Caribbean on a Small Iceland called Vieques, off the East coast of Puerto Rico. Chris Had Traveled before but found this did living in a Different Culture Rather than visiting as a Tourist WAS a far richer experience. On his Return to the US mainland , Chris Moved to Birmingham AL and did Freelance Work with Coastal Living, Cooking Light and Southern Living Magazine. He loves traveling and recently worked for East Carolina University Italy intensives Study Abroad program, living in the Tuscany region of Italy for two years. He Helped run the program by Teaching Photography and Helping lead group Trips. He Has EXTENSIVE travel experience Throughout much of Europe. He IS currently Employed in the Photography Department at Southern Living magazine in Birmingham AL. Chris Has Various editorial, Freelance and Studio Photography experience. His technical skills include 360x180 panoramas and time lapse videos.

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