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Atoll de Fakarava - RAIMITI
Polynésie Française

Taxi boat to the south of Fakarava - The only way to go to RAIMITI

Copyright: Eric Pinel Peschardiere
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 6320x3160
Taken: 26/12/2010
Chargée: 26/12/2010
Mis à jour: 17/10/2014
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Tags: tahiti; fakarava; atoll; raimiti; tetamanu; rotoava; tuamotu; french polynesia; polynésie française
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Thousands of kilometres from anywhere, French Polynesia is the place to indulge yourself. Tahiti evokes images of tropical fruit dripping from strange trees... of translucent, shimmering aqua lagoons... of sun-drenched, sandy beaches, and psychedelic coral. A visit to Tahiti and her islands is akin to stumbling upon a parallel universe where fantasy is just another form of reality and hedonistic daydreams come to life. French Polynesia has captivated the world's imagination since 19th-century European explorers first set foot upon her steamy shores."