Cathedral of Greenland
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Cathedral of Greenland

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Cathedral of Greenland - "Annaasissitta Oqaluffia" meaning "Church of our savior". Seat of the Bishop of Greenland and probably one of the smallest cathedrals in the world.

The grey house is the residence of the Danish governor in Greenland.

At the top of the nearest hill the statue of Hans Egede - the apostle of Greenland - looks down at the oldest part of Nuuk which i founded in 1728.

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A: Katuaq - Culture House of Greenland

Par Malik Hansen, à 380 mètres

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Katuaq - Culture House of Greenland

B: Amisut Square

Par Malik Hansen, à 430 mètres

Amisut Square in the center of Nuuk.Amisut means "dancing seals" and refers to the phenomenon when co...

Amisut Square

C: stamperia

Par squadro squadro, à 470 mètres



D: National Library of Greenland

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National Library of Greenland

E: Radiup Qaqqaa

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Radiup Qaqqaa

F: Nuuk Apartment Block P

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Nuuk Apartment Block P

G: Hilltop between Nuuk and Nuusuaq

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Hilltop between Nuuk and Nuusuaq

H: Hilltop between Nuuk and Nuusuaq 2

Par Malik Hansen, à 910 mètres

Hilltop between Nuuk and the suburb Nuussuaq. The building with the tall chimney to the Southeast is ...

Hilltop between Nuuk and Nuusuaq 2

I: Nuussuaq Hilltop

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View from hilltop in Nuusuaq.Nuussuaq is a suburb to Nuuk and the next most populous entity in Greenl...

Nuussuaq Hilltop

J: Iggia - Nuuk Marina

Par Malik Hansen, A 2.1 km

Iggia - Nuuk Marina Probably the largest marina in the world compared to population. In Greenland the...

Iggia - Nuuk Marina

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